Room № 2: WISDOM

The sense of all our life should be a search of pure human wisdom. Probably, you will be able to manage it in the silver and blue room, infused with quietness, with a view to the crown of 100-year-old tree, which remembers everything that Napajedla Castle experiences. A part of the room is big separate bathroom. You will get to the room going by an interesting and mysterious castle corridor. The room is located in the northern castle’s side wing.


Sense of life is in our hands. It depends on us, which way we will choose and how to live. The room will comfort you with its quiet and nice atmosphere of its light-blue. You can quietly plunge into the stream of your dreams and gold creativity rays here. It is a big room with a bath, adjacent bathroom with shower and lavatory.

Room № 12 CHANGES

Life is a circle and non-stop changes, which should not scare us. That is why we need to search those things, on which we can work, what we can improve both on our family level, and on our private or household level. Enjoy your contemplations and changes in this beautiful spacious room which faces the park. The room is one of the biggest in the castle, it has a nice bathroom with bath, shower and toilet.

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