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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, let us invite you to the Napajedla residence, which opens its gates to make your wishes and dreams come true, allowing you to get unforgettable impressions.

Napajedla Castle, a pearl of Baroque architecture, will be your home for a moment, the place which you will enjoy and where you will surely return with great pleasure.

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The interior and exterior of the castle have been subject to many restorations. Visitors can see there the completely renovated Baroque chalk-stone-made fountain and magnificent courtyard with sculptures “Putti”, renovated balustrades, renovated historical swimming-pool since 30th years of 20 century made by J.А.Batia, one of owners of this castle.

Napajedla Castle holds not only wedding ceremonies, various celebrations or corporate events, but first of all the castle serves as a hotel. Guests are offered 14 castle rooms, which are an amazing addition to this historical masterpiece turning the castle into a private HOME FOR EVERYONE, WHOEVER VISITS IT.

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That’s why, please, do not hesitate to visit it and plunge into magic castle world, in which the history becomes entangled with contemporary time. Discover a source of inspiration for your soul and body and enjoy the beauty of the environment offered by the castle.

Discover the picturesque castle with its non-traditional rooms. We are sure that you will appreciate special energetics of this place and enjoy the moments of pleasure, take your time for your relax and together with us you will find the way to better life. In a holistic spirit, we offer you accommodations, meals services, seminars, educational programs, as well as services related to organization and holding of weddings, cultural programs, castle tours, exhibitions etc.

Cafe and Restaurant Vinotheque

Style and luxury are features of family-run hotel Napajedla Castle


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December 16, 2020


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September 9, 2020
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Vernisáž prodejní výstavy Aloise Juřeny

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