Room № 5 HARMONY

We all are looking for harmony - balance between our work, family, leisure time. In many cases we hesitate and do not know, how to combine these things. However, harmony is a very important thing. Maybe you will find it in the nice room combining clear lines and bright colours, which influence our life strength and our chakras. Nice room with a separate bathroom, bath and lavatory.


In hasty and dashing reality of our contemporary life we often forget about feelings, touches, gentleness. But we all need them. Real feelings, which can do a lot. This delicate white and rose room can help you find the thing that you maybe miss in your life . Small romantic room with a bath on silver feet and separate lavatory.

Room № 7 TALENT

Are you looking for your talent? You don’t know, what things are your life, working or personal “parquet”? Are you looking for your life passion? Please, visit the room “Talent”. This room is the essence which helps you realize your uniqueness. Small quiet room with flowers and nice bathroom - shower and lavatory.


You cannot decide what exactly you want? You often hesitate in your life? You lack harmony? Your prospects lack definiteness? Find the source of your strength in the nature, which is our unchanged assistant. Trust your intuition. You can do it in the room “Clearness”. A little room with shower and lavatory.

Room № 10 JOY

Joy should be an integral part of our life. Enjoy your life with all possible ways and develop a holistic view to the life. Let us accept the colorful happiness symphony with joy and get rid of our fears. Look for your joy not only in this beautiful room, but in all spheres of life. “Joy” – a big room with bath and lavatory.

Room № 11 WELFARE

Nowadays welfare is considered as something negative, impermissible. But each of us has the right to live in welfare, live a full life. Therefore let us enhance the ability to endow yourself and others with joy, without feeling guilty or any self-sacrifice. Let us support the natural sense of our own value and self-respect not only in this nice room, but in life in whole. The room has a nice view to the castle park, it has a bathroom with shower and lavatory.


It often comes so, that we do not know what to do, how to keep “cold mind”. We often yield, even contrary to our own wishes. Sometimes we get nervous and respond to something rather abruptly. To learn how to be assertive is rather difficult, but to try to act calmly, with clear head is unambiguously worth doing it. Assertiveness, the small room with the view to the park, with bathroom - shower and lavatory.


The room is joined by common corridor, it has a separate bathroom - shower and lavatory.

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