The integral part of a wedding is also a banquet with tables with plates filled with delicious food, glasses, filled with quality wine. We offer banquets, self-serviced buffets, wedding cocktails or other kinds of gastronomy for your great day.

Wedding banquet in the castle can be both for wedding with ceremonies in Napajedla castle, and for those, whose wedding ceremony took place in town hall or church.

Your wedding banquet may take place both in the castle’s premises, where the CASTLE’S RESTAURANT with banquet halls (Rosy hall, Lobby-hall, Blue hall), are located, and on the 1-st (ground) floor of the castle in BIG CASTLE’S EATING -ROOM. At your option we will arrange for the banquet for you in the historical mirror hall or in Baroque hall. At your service will also be the luxury lounge which can serve as the premises for wedding dances or self-serviced buffet. The uniqueness of the castle’s premises is exactly in the opportunity to choose that you like the most.

CAPACITY of the Castle’s restaurant - cafe is 50 persons. The most quantity of wedding guests on your banquet is possible, but the guests will not be accommodated in the same hall, but in the adjacent hall. The other hall may also be the spot for the first dance. In summer months an ideal place for the wedding banquet is the castle’s terrace.

CAPACITY on the first (ground) floor, where the big eating-room, mirror hall, baroque hall and lounge are located, depends on choosing of the hall and tables arrangement. The maximum recommended quantity of guests in big eating-room and mirror hall is 80.

Napajedla castle offers arranging for your wedding day by means of “WEDDING PACKAGES”

Value of WEDDING PACKAGES floats from 1 800 up to 3 500 CZK.

  • This price includes the restaurant’s package of services, holiday dinner and champagne, night banquet with warm or cold self-service buffet. We can offer also grill meals. The price comprises all soft drinks for the given number of guests (the exact drinks cost will be established after the banquet).
  • The newly married couple can bring their own plum brandy, biscuits, pies, cream cake, fruits, salty baked food.
  • Our CASTLE‘S WINERY offers a unique range of Czech and foreign wines. In case the guests bring their own wine, the correspondent sum is to be paid. The same rule is valid for the hard alcohol. The details will be provided to you by our wedding coordinator.
  • Package of services comprises photo-session on the whole territory of the castle and in the premises themselves (this service is fee-paying only in case of arranging wedding ceremony).
  • Package of services comprises rent of castle’s halls.
  • The price includes the set of services of wedding coordinator, who just at the first meeting will familiarize you with castle’s premises and offer you the alternatives for having your wedding ceremony, banquet or entertainment. Wedding coordinator will be completely at your service within the whole wedding day (at the ceremony, banquet etc.) and he will be an integral part of your wedding scenario.
  • If you wish to use non-routine services of our marriage coordinator, you have the opportunity to have your wedding on a “turn-key” basis. The cost of such services will be negotiated at the next meeting and will depend on complicatedness and number of working hours of the wedding coordinator.

We can also offer you:

  • Wedding cream cakes, traditional home pies
  • Wedding dress
  • Photo-session, video-shooting and wedding photo-book
  • Wedding decorations (round tables, chairs, wedding table-cloths with bows etc.)
  • Music accompaniment
  • Riding in a two-horse-carriage
  • Vehicle for wedding guests
  • Invitations
  • Launching fireworks
  • Wedding program for children and adults (barmen-show, magician and many other)

You may use our services, but it is not a binding condition. All the services can be ordered by you on your own.