Events and celebrations

Jazz and Grill Zamek Napajedla

Corporate events, conferences, team-building or family celebrations full of impressions.

You have a unique opportunity to visit the castle of 18 century located at the western part of the park over the town where 3 regions cross. That means you will be in the heart of event in the spot located at the distance of one`s stretched hand, but at the same time far from troubles of daily life. Napajedla castle is a perfect standard which would match your dreams about your corporate meeting, if you decide to have a corporate event, conference, directors’ meetings etc.

Napajedla castle is located in the nice spot where you can easily get not only from any spot of Chech Republic, but also from Slovakia, nearby there is a city of Zlin and Uherske Hradiste. That’s why, please, do not hesitate to come to us…

Use the uniqueness of castle for your benefit!

You have prepared a unique project, a service for your clients? You are waiting for a decisive presentation, and it is critical to exactly to choose the right place for its holding? You can learn by yourself, if the beauty of the castle‘s environment could promote this.

Give a new impulse to the ideas of your management.

You know this situation: you are preparing a common strategic meeting of the company’s Principal with their business partner. When you are in closed premises, you are all the same influenced by the regular routine of the office – if your fax/email has come?, the economist asks you to take “5 minutes” to talk to him/her... Let yourself and strategic plans think of your company in quietness and spacious premises. You know yourself, how staying beyond your office can help you focus and move straight forward. It will be sufficient to choose one of castle’s halls with a package of services, and, who knows, maybe when you will be walking throughout the castle’s park after delicious dinner, a „big idea“ would occur in your mind. You can book halls for meeting or presentations, including castle menu, a week before.

Win your subordinates .

Training for employees, team-buildings … Employees need to get constant training, improve their professional qualities, and, by doing so, bring something new into their work. For these purposes one needs to stimulate a team spirit of your company. Our training halls on the first (ground) floor of the castle will be an ideal spot for this. Your employees will definitely appreciate the sign of your respect to them, which is that they won’t need to take training in noisy cold rooms. We offer the rent of historical halls on the first (ground) floor, halls and cafe, castle cellar with vinoteque, castle park./p>

Team-building is somehow in different way…

In Napajedla castle we can organize a training, corporate meeting or a party. To do it, the castle offers you the opportunity to use tennis courts or castle cuisine, where cooking courses a la team-building take place. Test yourself cookery adrenalin and make sure that your teem can work together :-). Within team-building there is a possibility to visit our exhibitions in the castle or wine gallery.

Napajedla castle is a place that provides various possibilities of using both castle’s premises, and the surrounding territories - castle’s park.

Family holidays, birthdays, meetings with friends…

You are going to have your family celebration? You or your children have a birthday? Or you just want to sit with your friends for a delicious meal drink in nice environment? Do not hesitate – we will arrange for some celebration according to your wishes and dreams in the Napajedla castle. Together with you we will compile a unique menu, prepare decorations, music and entertainment. Please, contact us.